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The more a diamond is cut, the more it sparkles.

Due to the precautionary measures and  isolation required at this time we are postponing all retreats for an indefinite period. We offer on-line Skype /What’s up/ Viber counseling, emotional release exercises  and protection meditations. We also offer  strong forgiveness practices that can help cleanse evil from our energy field. Prayers always help in difficult times, so we offer several prayers that are appropriate to remedy the global crisis.

The aim at the moment is to raise the general energy vibrations and to intensify the positive energy flows that can withstand the fear that has greatly affected people around the world.

Follow us on your contribution to this powerful, healing energy impact with an open heart and a calm mind. Of course, do not forget to comply with all the hygiene and quarantine requirements of the governing and health authorities!

God bless and keep you healthy!

And yet… when it comes to people, nobody really wants to get cut. And everyone wants to sparkle.

Thing is – we do get cut anyway. Constantly.

Here we’re presented with a choice that any regular diamond wouldn’t get. Do we rise beyond our cuts and bruises so we can shine… or do we fall apart?

This site has guided thousands, giving them the strength and courage to find healing and happiness. It has also appealed to anyone interested in personal or spiritual growth.

You are not on our website by accident, you’ve been guided here both by your inner need for spiritual growth and by a highly evolved spirit.

You being here is just the first step, though. It’s an important step, but it’s only worth something if you keep walking. Take the next step now and join one of the spiritual retreats we hold in Brazil or in Bulgaria. 

In this retreat, you will find new ways to deal with your issues, nurture your self-esteem, strengthen your spirit and harmonize your personal energy. Together we will find the way through your fears and toward your innermost hopes and dreams – the ones you rarely even dare admit to yourself.

During the retreat, you will experience:
  • daily meditations
  • crystal therapy
  • healing spiritual interventions
  • purification with natural water
  • emotional release practices
  • prayer exercises
  • spiritual sound therapy
  • work shops
  • excursions

As you walk toward your spiritual evolution, healing and happiness will become a natural consequence. This, in turn, will better prepare you to achieve your life purposes. Discovering how to do so will, incidentally, also be a major part of your retreat.

Tatiana introduced me to the Casa de Dom Inacio a few years ago now, acting as my guide. She is an excellent and experienced guide and also an unconditionally loving person who I have come to cherish. As she both knows the Casa rules & protocols (and there is much to learn on your first visit, as it can all be bewildering without a guide..) and because of her strong mediumistic abilities , I would highly recommend her.

Apart from helping me with attending current and spiritual interventions at the Casa, she kept an eye on me at all times whilst in retreat and also on returning home. She kept working with me to help me to unload myself of my emotional ‘baggage’. She acts as a messenger for me of Love and Light and has helped me to evolve in conjunction with the work of the Casa’s Entities of Love and Light. For this I will always be grateful!

Bеatrice H.

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