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The word miracle has the following dictionary descriptions:
From Latin miraculum means ’’ object of wander’’: Church Latin ‘’Marvelous event caused by God’’ or ‘’to wander at, marvel, be astonished”. Nowhere in this descriptions you will find the word’’ instant ‘’ connected to the word miracle. And yet most of the humans relate the two words, especially when it comes to healing! Somehow in our mind the word miracle rings the bell of ‘’right now’’,’’ instantly ‘’, ‘’yesterday I saw a miracle’’ today’’, etc. etc. If we deeply look into our lives, we can find so many miracles happen for us for which we do not have explanation but have they being created at the moment they occurred? Certainly not, creating the miracle takes time and a lot of effort, inner change, acceptance and surrender our will to the universal wisdom and our Creators will.
My first eye -witnessed in Casa de Dom Inacio miracle was produced by the Entities and accomplished by John of Gods incorporation in the spirit of d-r Jose Valdivino .It was performed in front of 15 mediums in the intervention room of Casa and in front of the parents of a 13 year old boy who literally did not have any muscles, living on a wheelchair. We were all invited to open our eyes to see the healing of this boy. When he was given the command ‘’Stand-up! “ he began to struggle , very unstable, a lot of trembling, shaking but still trying very hard to get up from the wheelchair so in a couple of minutes he did get up and stood there unstable but STANDING!
The next command from d-r Jose Valdivino was – WALK! My God, we were all praying so hard, the energy in the intervention room was so thick, so iron strong so that the boy could make this 2-3 very difficult first steps, accompanied with the tears of his parents and every medium in our room…Walk fast! –came up next out of the mouth of John of God in Entity (d-r Jose Valdivino). The boy was marching, faster, stronger by each step, moving forward, already smiling and YES, the miracle was happening right in front of my own eyes! Crying from gratitude that this was all possible I found myself wishing the same for everyone on a wheelchair at the Casa, thanking God for his infinite goodness, love and healing; thanking medium John of God for his dedication , his existence ; willing to continue helping as a medium in the intervention room with all my heart…
Later on I spoke to this Brazilian family to find out that they were frequently visiting the Casa in the past 6 months as their son from a football player ended up in the wheelchair from a very rear stomach autoimmune illness that killed his trained muscles shortly after doctors diagnosed him with it. That is how the miracle was created – little by little, with a lot of work from the Entities and the boy’s persistence, inner change, suffering, diets , also one hospital operation, involving tubes, unnatural feeding and other hospital requirements. A lot of courage was needed from this 13 year old son of God…
Let’s think about the beginning of my story- at first it looked like instant miracle! In fact it was one of God’s miracles, created over time with the active participation and personal effort of this family, especially the boy. There was a lot of faith and patience involved as well. I could not know how much of these was needed to complete the healing and walk again without visible muscles after medium John of God in Entity have done his best to accomplish this chapter of the boy’s healing process.
I believe in miracles, I believe in inner change, forgiveness, gratitude, love, light and mostly in our personal power harmonized with the power of our creator, God! I trust you do, too.