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We tent to worry when our health or the health of our loved one

We tent to worry when our health or the health of our loved one’s is challenged. Let us see what is the definition of the word worry according to Wikipedia.

Worry refers to the thoughts, images and emotions of a negative nature in which mental attempts are made[vague] to avoid anticipated potential threats.

Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want -Abraham Hikes

What is the ground of our worries- love or fear? When we are worried about someone or something we enter the energy field of the negative emotional state of millions other worriers and at this time we connect with their ‘’worrying’ vibration to only increase our own! Then what do we send out to the person or the situation we are worrying about? Pure Fear!

Our mind tents to worry about everything and does that very often. Our mind can create strong energy field that can produce in real what we are worrying about.

I have a good example for such situation. Couple of years ago a woman of my group, who did not speak enough English was worried for the entire two weeks stay at the Casa about how is she going to get back home. Everyone knew about her worry as she was talking about it every day in any occasion. We all have tried to talk to her to stay calm, to trust the Universe and the Entities that her trip back home will be safe and smooth, we tried meditation end prayers, waterfall cleansing, encouraging her to surrender to God and follow his will. She could not stop worrying, no one could help her constant tension on this matter and in the end she has’ created” with her negative thoughts every flight to delay so she was traveling back home for entire three days! All fights were full, unpleasant and layovers were minimum 8 hours at the 3 airports to change her planes!

To worry is a bad habit, we could get rid of quite easy, actually. We just need to try a couple of mental exercises and meditations to discover what works best for us.

We could simply try to ‘’sing’’ our worries out loud somewhere in the nature and after we are done singing we could ask the Creator to transform this ‘’worries’’ in beautiful butterfly’s or wild gorgeous flowers! This is my personal favorite” worry release’’ exercise. It is very easy to produce and it takes very little of our personal time.  Or we could sit somewhere quiet and imagine that our worries are wrapped in a bundle, then we hand it to the Universe to dissolve it in thin air. We can also try every time we tent to worry to replace the thoughts with our favorite song” don’t worry, be happy”.  We could repeat a couple of times (as many as it takes) ‘’Inner peace, inner peace, inner peace””.

The meditation on love is a handy tool against fear, we could practice it daily to avoid worry, tension or fear.

We can also begin working on the matter of our worries- we could look for a job, house, car or we could read about the situation, learn what others do, call our friends for help. Just worrying won’t solve our issue.

When we are calm and centered we could send our love to the person/situation we are worried about in the form of a violet shower or pink transparent light, bathe the person in our love or cover up this individual with our love mantel of blue or green light. They are many more other ways to work with our worries, the most important is to begin today!

This work may help the healing of one or many individuals. The Entities of light and healing of Casa de Dom Inacio repentantly encourage us to do our part or” our work’’ of the healing process to be able to benefit from their compassionate energy work. Good luck , may God bless you!