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Eyes scraping by d-r Augusto

Still no reading glasses after my visible eyes scraping operation from d-r Augusto in the body of medium John of God 2009. It was one of those special healing days when d-r Augusto was doing the consultations from the stage. After he did a couple of volunteers for physical, visible intervention from the operation room he asked if someone else from the assembly hall wanted the visible intervention. There were about 10 volunteers. I was not thinking when I found myself asking d-r Augusto if he would do my eyes to not wear a ridding glasses, I just grab the opportunity of this special moment.  At first d-r Augusto did not want to do physical healing for me as he does not cut Casa mediums but then he asked me if I would rest in bed after the scraping and after my YES, he did the work on both of my eyes.
image001.jpg@01D195C1.3AF6E1E0It felt as I had a peace of send in the eye, no pain, but I could sense every movement of the sharp potato pealing knife in his hand. He was done for less than 2 minutes. When he scraped the left eye, he cleaned the knife in my white blouse, then continued calmly with the right one.  The unpleasant tearing of my both eyes bothered me when I rested at the infirmary room for two hours. Tania took great care of me, bless her soul.  The pain came much later at home when the tissue had to grow back. After 3 hours with blessed water compresses, not cold! and some prayers my pain was gone. Even though I do not recommend physical intervention to my groups, I have experienced this one to not use reading glasses and to know how it feels so I can give them first-hand information.

The recovery takes like a week after the intervention. Sun glasses are a must for at list three to seven days, even in  darker spaces. Crystal bed session have helped the recovery a lot so after 7 days I was feeling great, able to use my sun glasses only to protect my eyes from the strong Brazilian sun.

I am still so grateful for this incredible, perfect spiritual intervention.