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Just a couple of days after my May group left, I realized how many of you have missed the opportunity to receive the same grace, they have received during this incredible healing retreat. Most of foreign guests in Brazil were hold at their home countries because of fear for the Zica virus and as usual for fear of robbery. When they chose the professional guide like myself, there is no danger of neither. Asking my May group to spray repellent daily, on the 4th day one guy of my group simply said “” I have not seeing a single mosquito here!”” He was correct- at the dry season that begins April and ends October there are no mosquitoes. Zica is not that dangerous, actually Denge mosquito is worse and it has been in Brazil forever. We have to be careful but not afraid as the Good spirits, the Entities are taking care of everyone who have faith in them and came to seek healing, love, light and wellbeing at the Casa.

Here comes one of my favorite stories.

The Master and the student are crossing over the de great desert. Late at the evening they finally arrive at an Oasis, where they will spend the night. The student askes the Master’’ Shall I fasten the camels or shall I let God watch over them?

The Master replays ‘’You better fasten the camels and then let God watch over them”

The same holds for being robbed. Abadiania, where John of God has his healing sanctuary, is not a high season tourist place. People travel there to visit Casa de Dom Inacio for healing. The spirit healers, the Entities are also protecting this small town as best as they can, surrounding it with a great cover of light that does not allow negative energy that easily as in the large, tourist city’s like Sao Paolo or Rio de Janeiro.

You are all welcome to the Casa to visit John of God! I am happy to be your guide,