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My healing story


At the end of 2003, due to stress from building a house I began to lose weight.  I had other alarming symptoms as well- my hands started to tremble and my eyes were bulging out of the orbits. When I reached a critical weight loss of 41 kl, I went to see a doctor. He diagnosed me with an illness called Bazedov Grave disease, incurable illness of the thyroid.

When I returned to Brazil, I have asked the Entities for help and healing. D-r Augusto appointed spiritual surgery for me and sent me to an endocrinologist, a specialist in thyroid illness. After the spiritual intervention, I went to the doctor, who prescribed me a large dose of hormonal pills and ordered me to gain weight in the coming month.

I have asked D-r Augusto if I could skip the pills, finding them unnecessary since I’m receiving healing at Casa and I am medium and a daughter of the Casa. The answer was – “you must take the prescribed pills.”

As an obedient daughter I followed the advice of Dr. Augusto, took his herbs and the hormones from my medical doctor.

When I went back for a checkup after a month, the doctor was very impressed of my progress. No longer trembling, I could stand up from the floor, weighing 42 5 kg, my eyes were much better.

The doctor did not understand this instant improvement and advised me to keep on doing whatever I was doing for the best healing results. Off course I didn’t mention anything about the spiritual work and D-r Augusto, the doctor wouldn’t believe me nor understand this anyway.
After 5 months I was already at my normal weight of 47 kg., hormonal tablets reduced to 1 per day, my eyes were almost   normal and the shaking was gone. At 11 months of treatment by both- Entities, John of God and medical doctor I have stopped taking the hormonal tablets .The doctor was trilled. He did not have a case of such rapid recovery from this condition in his 25 years’ practice. My gratitude to the Casa and the Entities I manifest today by helping everyone who is searching for healing as a guide, medium and spiritual life couch. D-r Augusto continues to advise me and perform the healing work at my crystal bed practice in Los Angeles and Sofia, where I l work. I continue to take groups for spiritual healing to John of God as a guide of the Casa. I wish everyone the same rapid and complete recovery!