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Elena’s healing story

My name is Elena. My story certainly sounds  unbelievable as  the stories of most people that have received invaluable and miraculous healing in Brazil from John of God and his Entities.

6 years ago In June I felt pain in one of my breasts. There was formed a small lump. I went to the doctor and found out that I have a tumor. In order to determine the type of it, I needed to undergo  a series of tests, magnetic resonance, ultrasonography, mammography and biopsy – examination of tissue taken from the breast. All test show that the tumor is benign, but as I was told from professionals that is for sure 95% cancerous. The doctor explained the procedures to me- operation, chemotherapy. I have learned that if during the operation the surgeon will prove that I am in the remaining 5%, while I am under anesthesia and without asking my consent, I will I be cut and my breast will be removed. After that follow  series of “chemo” and “radiation” therapies. As it is known, these treatments are difficult to bear and are striking not only the ill tissue, but also the healthy. Full loss of hair is another unpleasant side effect,that is embarazing as everyone will know that I have cancer.

My first cousin Tatyana, who lived eight years in Abadiânia – the town where miraculous healings are happening, thanks to Medium John of God, advised me not to do surgery and to go to Brazil  instead. If the treatment did not work for me , then to undergo the hospital operation. The decision I have made alone. I chose to trust the alternative treatment, as I already was once a victim of medical mistakes.

After a month and a half I got there to witness  amazing things happening, to feel and know there is a higher power that heals us. You just have to be there and to have the courage to choose for this powerfull enery‘s. My stay in Abadiânia was three weeks. Tatyana is official Casa guide, medium and Daughter of the Casa and she takes organized groups at list 4 time each year.

We were about ten people from different countries in our group – Bulgaria, Germany, South Africa and America.Tatyana speaks 5 languages and provides guidance and orientation for her groups with ease. She also translates directly from Portuguese to her groups.

In three days of the week we had personal contact with  medium John of God. We passed one by one on line, to ask help from the incorporated medium and he verbally recomended our procedures, operations and herbs. Some of these operations were physical. With amazement we watched people undergo intervention without prior anesthesia and feel no pain when making inceasons in their body with not sterilized scalpel. Even  there was no blood – about 2-3 drops. After the operation, the person was wheeled off to the manipulation room to rest and recover till the end of the session. Then he went home to rest for 24 hours. After the 24 hours in bed, he has returned at the Casa as if nothing had happened to him. There are also Spiritual operations, where people sit in the intervention room with their eyes closed, prying for healing and after that are also resting for 24 hours in their hotel rooms.

I did many crystal bed sessions, evening prayers, waterfall visits for this 3 weeks.

The waterfall washes away our pain, grief and our weakness, gave us strength and energy. In fact, throughout our stay in Abadiânia we are exposed continuously to this healing,  enormous energy coming from both the Entities  and the crystals under the Casa. The crystals release, normalize and strengthen the energy that flows through us and brings order and balance in all our organs and systems. During the time I was there I felt much – alive, much more energetic and vibrant. I forgot about the problem. I was happy that I went to this wonderful place. It’s amazing to see on the streets of this small town dozens, even hundreds of people dressed in white walking with a smile on their face to the Casa. I saw many already healed, came to thank or simply get more energy. For three weeks I underwent three spiritual interventions, many crystal beds, treatment with waterfall and meditation in the first current room ,where the Entities instructed me to sit to heal.I completed every recommendation and followed their guidance, despite doubts and suffering through which I  have passed with Tatyana and the spiritual doctors .

So spiritually charged with energy, I have returned  home and was not worried about the upcoming tests with the doctor. When I went for the check up,there was no tumor. The doctor, who knew that I have refused hospital surgery asked me how this had happened. I told him about my trip to Abadiânia and my healing with John of God, expressing doubts that he will believe me. And I do not want to convince anyone of the truth of this story. It’s my own experience that brought me health and energy, my personal benefit.My doctor told me that he began believing in many things, because above all he is a human, then a representative of the official medicine. Everyone believes the facts and the obvious, regardless of the way and the methods by which it is achieved.

I wish success and health to all!