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Regenerating blessed water from the Casa

Regenerating Holy water

Prepare a big bottle/gallon of mineral/ spring water (10 litters or more).
Poor 1/10 of the original blessed water bottle into the gallon. Say out loud a prayer to Dom Inacio and the Entities of the Casa to come and make it a medicine for you and everybody who is going to drink it.
Name exactly what you want from the water- example: Make it strong for opening my new shop or helpful with my exam, finding friends, life partner etc. You can pray for anything you want .
Thank the Entities and pray the water to be energized to help your full recovery. Then keep it closed for 24 hours to give enough time to the Entities to come and energize it.
The rest of the small bottle keep marked for reserve on a save place. Before the big bottle/jug finish, regenerate it again by repeating the procedure or add more water in the gallon before empty.
Every time you regenerate, please, repeat the prayer and the 24 hours before using the water.
Do not cool, freeze it, boil it or sell it- it will lose the healing power.
Try to drink a lot of blessed water, apply it on your body or spray around when you feel negative energy. You can also cleanse your house with it, your office or car by spraying the water around and saying a powerful prayer. Carry a small bottle with you at all times for protection or first aid.
If you continue regenerating, you will never run out of blessed water.
Good luck,
May God bless you!