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The healing of meedium Joao de Deus- John of God

Medium Joao Teixeira de Faria
Medium John of God’s healing
Some time ago I had a stroke. As a result, I had a twisted eye, could not move my arms, had no control over my hands and a twisted and cramped upper body. Even in this condition, I had to receive all the Casa visitors.
The Spiritual doctors (Entities) simply continued with the spiritual healings using my body as an instrument.
I was told that while incorporated my eye, my arms my whole body was functioning perfect as if I never had a stroke.
As soon as the Entity left my body, it was the same poor situation. As long as the Spiritual doctors are using my body, I am in a kind of sleeping state and I have no knowledge of what is happening.
One day some staff members told me that I would receive an operation. The Entities made an incision, with my own hands, in my chest just under the left nipple and inserted two fingers.
To most of the spectators this was kind of an auto-operation. There was very little blood, I experienced no pain and the wound was healed very quickly.
I was completely healthy, the twisted eye was back to normal, just as my arms, hands and upper body.
Now many years later I still continue my mission, being an instrument for the good spirits and realizing scientifically unexplainable healings.