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The book of Gratitude- tribute to John of God

Hello, and thank you for reading my blog! I am pleased to share with you one of the healing experiences from my upcoming book. Chapter three was created by my group members, that voluntarily shared their intimate contacts with God and the Entities of the Casa.It took me three years to collect this healing stories to fulfill my mission. To help you all have faith in the invisible, spiritual world of John of God and the healer spirits, the Entities. As photographs are not allowed at the sacred Casa waterfall, I have painted it the way I have experienced it although I am not an artist.

Pianist, 60 years old, American, with serious heart problems:

I was very worried about the visit to the waterfall because of my limited physical abilities. I couldn’t imagine going down the winding path, bathing in the cold water… But most worrying for me was the climb after the waterfall. When my turn to bathe under the healing water came, I began praying, as I was instructed by my guide. I felt a tightening in the heart area, a slight pinch and a tickle. In the first second, I couldn’t regulate my breathing, but then everything came back to normal. I felt how something heavy fell down from me in the water to be washed away in the current. I got out of the water and prayed for the next participant. When all of us were ready, I literally ran up the path, as if an invisible “engine” in my body was working on the top speed. I reached the landing with the taxis in less than 5 minutes. I felt the joy from this energy healing even stronger, when lead by the invisible “engine”, I walked past the taxi and, with a fast pace, climbed up the hills for 1.5 kilometers to my hotel. I was overwhelmed and cried from happiness. This was something impossible for the past 10 years. I’m forever grateful. ***


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