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The new protocol at the Casa

Many of you have visited the Casa already and have received an incredible healing from the Entities and medium John of God. The Casa has been expanded three times since 2002 but it’s still not enough to accommodate 500 or more people weekly.

As the Entities are very compassionate and are there to heal our suffering and our bodies, soul and mind, they’ve multiplied their falanges to be able to help the increased number of visitors at the Casa.

Therefore, the protocol of the Casa has changed as well, as the energy now is incredibly strong. The Entities have decided we don’t need that many procedures and have concentrated the energy of healing in the current rooms, on the crystal beds, and during the spiritual interventions.

It’s really important to follow the recommendation of the Entities for the 24-hours rest after the spiritual intervention and the 48-hours request to not sit in the current room after the spiritual intervention. Like before, 72 hours after the intervention you can visit the waterfall with a professional guide if you’re going for the first time. If you’ve already been there, you don’t need a guide.

The Entities told us that people are coming mostly to receive their spiritual interventions. Before you go through the revision line you can’t pass before the Entities again. This means you can pass before the incorporated medium John of God one time in 6 sessions.

The Entities understand that you might be confused with this new requirement, but this is really the best for your healing. We know it is difficult to believe in anything that you can’t touch or see. That our mind has a lot of doubts; that our mind tries to deceive us that we know better what music should play at the Casa, what we should do in our free time, how the Entities should treat us or how the functionaries of the Casa should behave. And we do have a right to our opinion. But this can’t apply to the others or to the Entities.

The Entities know what’s best for each and every one of us. When we’re doubting, due to a lot of pain or suffering, let us remember that the Entities know everything. We can read the testimonials and experiences of thousands of people around the world and in all of the books that are selling at the Casa, including mine. We can watch all the documentaries that are returning our mind to faith, instead of doubt.

There are many different ways to remind us that we are sons and daughters of God. That we deserve better than suffering in illness and that our pain or illness is temporary. When we believe this, we’ll find the power, the courage, the strength to make the first step towards practising meditation, practising prayers every day, practising emotional release exercises, forgiveness, gratitude, and above all, unconditional love for everything that has been created. Because we know the unconditional love of the Entities is the one that heals.


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