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A Secluded Retreat

A Secluded Retreat


There is a secluded retreat,
inside everyone
where we can commune with God…

A peaceful scenery,
flowery garden,
a joyous stream…
A glorious daybreak,
a rainy afternoon,
a faraway song,
the face of a child,
a peaceful countryside,
someone in sorrow…

The magic of a poem,
a glorious, radiant morn,
a polychromatic painting…

A line from the Bible,
an edifying conversation,
a moving story,
an unselfish attitude,
a silent prayer.

There is a secluded retreat
inside everyone
a place you reach through a natural path.

A place where you feel God,
speak with God,
listen to God.

A place where the love of God is closer
and all embracing.

Excerpt from “Child of God” by Divaldo Pereira Franco and Joanna de Angelis (Spirit)

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