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We always have room for more in our lives

We always have room for more in our lives


Before he closed his eyes, he let them wander round his old room… familiar and friendly things… which were so glad to see him again and could always be counted on for the same simple welcome.    – Kenneth Grahame

When they moved into the house, the room at the top of the stairs was just a junk room. As the years passed, they slowly transformed the room into a guest room.

When they decided they needed another voice in the house, they transformed the room again: out went the fold-out couch, in came a crib and rocking chair; off went the art gallery prints from the walls, up went Winnie the Pooh. It was no longer a guest room, but a place for the baby, a new – and permanent – member of the family.

We always have room for more in our lives. When we are ready for it, what we need for growth will emerge.

What do the rooms inside our homes and ourselves have to tell us about the way we live our lives?

– Excerpt from “Today’s Gift – Daily Meditations for Families” from Hazelden Mediation Series

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