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6th Secret from “Secrets of Prosperity” by Mark L. Prophet

6th Secret from “Secrets of Prosperity” by Mark L. Prophet

Think of the world as your family


One of the things that crystallizes the consciousness and keeps the supply from coming into your world is the feeling of owning of people. A lot of people feel that their children or their spouses or their mother or their father or their brother or their sister – in other words, their family – is all-important.

But you don’t own people and they don’t own you. All people are free. The sense of an exclusive family circle that rules out everybody else in the world is one of the reasons the consciousness crystallizes and prosperity doesn’t come in.

Thinking of the world as your family doesn’t mean you have to give a dollar to every beggar that comes along. But when you start feeling and thinking in terms of loving other people outside the family and doing something for someone else – not necessarily someone you love but someone who may even be impersonal to you – you begin to think like God. For God has to take his energy and assistance and give it to people that hate him and that spit upon him.

Do you know there are people who curse God on this planet and mean it? I have heard people damn God and shake their fist in his face and dare him to strike them with lightning. In most cases, God turns around and still pumps breath and life energy into this people. He still takes care of them because he’s an impersonal God as well as a personal God.

So one of the greatest secrets of prosperity is to have the ability to detach oneself from personal concerns and to become impersonal. This ability is a magnet that makes you godlike.

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