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9th Secret from “Secrets of Prosperity” by Mark L. Prophet

9th Secret from “Secrets of Prosperity” by Mark L. Prophet

Depend On God


This means we don’t look to people as our source of supply. When I  first started this activity with the ascended  masters’ help, we had a woman worth more than sixteen million dollars in the organisation. We thought she was really going to be of great assistance to us – the human thought that. We were never more disappointed on our lives, and probably justly so.

Then we had another angel come along that used to give us a few hundred dollars every month, but she got mad over nothing and quit sending that much money. She’s very spasmodic – once in a while we hear from her, but not very often.

We’ve quit looking to people for our supply. We look completely to God. This is another secret of supply: don’t depend on any human being. Depend on God.

My wife, Elizabeth, had a great deal more of the prosperity consciousness that I did. I was raised the son of a farmer and rancher, and I had nothing. My father came from a Canadian ranch, in fact, and had his own goodly ranch. He sold the ranch to his father for a dollar.

Then he went to the United States, thinking that he would receive the ranch back when his father died. But his younger brother stayed at home and worked the rach and wormed his way, into his father’s heart. So his father left the ranch to the younger brother and my father was defrauded of it.

My father didn’t have too many skills. He was not well educated, and he had to work hard for his money. He could have done well on the big Canadian ranch, but in the States he had a pretty tough time of it. He passed away when I was nine years old. My mother was not strong, and she was very upset and nervous because she had to support a nine-year-old child on her own. Many times I didn’t have anything in the house to eat except maybe two or three slices of bread.

So when I went into the United States Air Force in World War II, my mother was a widow living alone in a small home and she had little money. I gave her an army allotment check of about twenty-five dollars, and she was able to earn about twenty-five dollars a month. So she had about fifty dollars a month to live on, which wasn’t much for food, bus fare, taxes, upkeep on a house and a few other things. It was pretty rough. So when I came out of the army I had nothing.

Elizabeth was a little different. She didn’t have anything either. But she became a Christian Scientist when she was nine years old and she learned their concepts of prosperity. I was trained more along the Methodist church lines. In fact, I was a member of the same church as the former Senator Alexander Wiley.

Senator Wiley was one of the wealthy people in my hometown. There were a lot of wealthy people who were Methodists and a few of us poor people who were Methodists. We all sat alongside of each other in church, but that was about the extent of our contact.

So there was a great deal of difference between my consciousness of prosperity and Elizabeth’s. When I started out in this work, I was a little afraid. I know what it means to wonder where your next meal or your next dollar is coming from. Elizabeth didn’t have any of this. She was trained practically from childhood to thing in terms of God supplying her needs.

I received a great deal of my education on prosperity from Elizabeth. She used to say to me, “Well, now God wants us to have that, so we’re going to put a down payment on it.” I’d say, “Well, we haven’t got enough money to pay for it. What’s the matter with you? We can’t do that.” She would say, “God can supply all of our needs. Now, we’re just going to put a down payment on it, and if we can’t pay for it, we’ll just forget about it.”

That woman has changed my whole way of thinking since I’ve known her. I wouldn’t be at all surprised that if she went over to London and saw London Bridge and decided to buy it, she would come up with the money. She would put a down payment on it and probably wind up owning it. I’m sure she would convince the British crown to give up London Bridge!

So a great deal of what I have learned about prosperity has been the result of the masters working with Elizabeth. I’m sure you realize that I had something to give her in return, because there were other things that were given to me. I was one of those of whom it is said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

The two of us together have been able to find out a great deal about the secrets of prosperity because we give our prosperity to The Summit Lighthouse, and this is good.

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