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10th Secret from “Secrets of Prosperity” by Mark L. Prophet

10th Secret from “Secrets of Prosperity” by Mark L. Prophet

Always keep a seed of prosperity and keep your thoughts uplifted


Some of you don’t realize that when we started this activity, I wore suits from the Heck Company, by heck, in Washington, D.C. These suits with two pairs of pants cost nineteen dollars. I remember standing on the stage in this absolutely grand home in front of this woman worth sixteen million dollars with this baggy suit on worthe nineteen dollars. She sat right there in her royal robes and never shelled out anything to take care of that problem. For almost a year I wore that kind of equipment.

But then the masters explained the laws of prosperity to me and I started using these laws. The first thing you know, I began sporting tailor-made suits.

So we have learned about prosperity the hard way, and we know that these laws work for everybody. There isn’t anyone who has to be without anything he needs, and there’s no reason to have more than you really need.

Some people say, “Well, I’m going to put some money away for a rainy day.” I think it’s a good idea to be prudent.

Master Morya taught me this several years ago when I was in rather strait circumstances. Once after I had paid a bill, I had six dollars left in my pocket and a mountain of debts. I was driving a brand-new Lincoln. I didn’t even have the money to telegraph a friend of mine who was a millionaire and who would have loaned me some money.

So Master Morya came along and said, “Now, enough of this foolishness.” I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “What you have to remember is that no matter how poor you are, always keep one hundred dollars somewhere that you can fall back on. You don’t have to keep a lot, but always keep at least one hundred dollars in cash tucked away somewhere.”

I know that very few of you are what you would call poor. It doesn’t matter. It’s still a mighty good idea to always have at least one hundred dollars in either cash or traveler’s checks on your person or concealed somewhere.

This is good advice for anyone. I’m going to tell you why. Master Morya showed me that this is seed for prosperity.

When you’re down to your last penny – and it’s a terrible feeling when you’re down to your last penny – you don’t have anything to all to fall back on except maybe your friends. You go to your friends and sure as shootin’ they’ll tell you that they couldn’t possibly help you because all kinds of things have happened, or all their money is in bonds.

So keep a seed of prosperity and keep your thoughts very, very much in an uplifted state. Now, this is hard to do when you are down and out. If it weren’t hard to do, more people would do it.

If you will learn to not let go of every cent but to hang on to enough to tide you over in case you get into trouble, you will have confidence in that seed. Then you can apply to God and he will provide you with the wisdom to know how to use what you have in order to get more. But if you use everything up until you’re broke and bent and twisted and turned, then your confidence will often be shaken.

I think that the Lord put me through that once to teach me the law. I had to experience this so I would know how to advise people, because all kinds of people come to us in this activity – from paupers to millionaires, from farmers to industrialist.

We have among our members some very splendid people. Sometimes the man with a million dollars may ask your advice just as much as the man with nothing, and we want to be able to advice people correctly.

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