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12th Secret from “Secrets of Prosperity” by Mark L. Prophet

12th Secret from “Secrets of Prosperity” by Mark L. Prophet

Understand that prosperity is an activity of the spirit


I’m always concerned that people understand that prosperity is more an activity of the Spirit than of the flesh. A lot of us like to think that prosperity is something that is of the flesh – that if we use the laws, then a great deal of money is released into our world.

Money is what people always seem to want. But that’s not really the answer. Happiness, contentment, peace of mind, understanding, compassion, tolerance and every good quality of life are worth more than anything else. Money cannot buy this.

Yet you can’t live in the modern world without money, unless you’re a peace pilgrim or somebody like that. You can use the begging bowl, as the poor do in India. They run around with a begging bowl, and all day long they beg until somebody has pity on them and drops a coin in their cup and they go out and buy their meal.

I don’t think most of us could live that way, particularly if we have families. I know The Summit Lighthouse couldn’t live that way because we have a printing press to maintain so we can keep on publishing the teachings of the great masters.

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