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13th Secret from “Secrets of Prosperity” by Mark L. Prophet

13th Secret from “Secrets of Prosperity” by Mark L. Prophet

When you are tempted to worry, turn your thoughts to God


It’s interesting how God has provided for our needs. I think that every one of you should develop faith that God will take care of your needs no matter what they are. Nobody in the world should worry about their future. In fact, that’s one way of damming up the flow of goods into your world.

Worry will definitely cut you off. The minute you start worrying, you tune in to millions of other people who are worrying. You won’t know it, but their thoughts will be attracted like a magnet into your subconscious and your world. And the first thing you know, you’ll be going down, down, down, down because of their thoughts.

Among the greatest secrets of prosperity is to tune into right thinking by thinking right yourself. Turn your thoughts to God and the masters and to an inexhaustible sense of supply. Learn to develop the feeling that “no matter what I need, it will be supplied to me.”

A lot of people laugh at me because of what I said to the man from whom we bought our last house. Down below the hill there was a concrete pad, and I said, “That’s our landing port for our helicopter.”

Well, a helicopter’s worth many thousands of dollars. I had the idea that God would provide me with a helicopter and I’d learn how to fly it and I’d be able to fly around the United States and give lectures.

We don’t have it yet, but the house cost a lot more money than a helicopter and the Lord provided for the house. We still think that when we get a ranch and we get our university we’ll have a helicopter to fly over here to this area. Maybe we can travel all around the country in it.

Elizabeth says she won’t fly with me. Her consciousness of prosperity is very great, but she doesn’t seem to have faith in my perspicacity of flying a helicopter!

I hope that I’ve helped you a little with this talk. I could have made it longer, but I felt that the points that I gave would be of value. You can always fill the cup so full that it’s running over, but I hope I’ve put at least a half a cup of goodies into this talk for you.

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