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Meditation on Fear

Meditation on Fear

Relax your body with 3 deep inhales and exhales from your mouth, every muscle is free of tension. Until we reach enlightenment, we take a refuge in Dom Inacio de Loyola, the Life and the spiritual society. May we, by the benefits of exercising the release and other perfections, reach Buddhahood for the best of all sentient beings in the Universe.

meditation on fear

Imagine that under your feet a little flame burns with violet, transparent energy. It begins to rise up through your feet, your ankles, knees, tights, through your upper body, arms, neck and head up to Jesus who is standing high above your head, looking down to you with appreciation and encouragement. We take refuge in Jesus. Ask now Archangel Michael, the carrier of the violet sword to give you a permission to use this powerful sword to release all your fears.

See how the violet flame becomes a violet sword through your palms, it is forming smoothly to be powerful and gentle energy weapon. Then imagine your biggest fear like a figure or contour at the other end of a rope, that’s connecting you to your fear. Begin to melt the rope with Archangel Michael’s sword until the last fiber, then release the figure on the other end, see how it goes, flies towards the Cosmos, Transforms and dissolves. Begin with your next fear of failure, illness, accidents or death and repeat the same procedure.

When done, thank Archangel Michael with all your heart. Thank Jesus, Saint Germain and the Entities and return the sword to your Master. The positive energy of this meditation we dedicate to the best of all sentient beings, for our quick enlightening, healing, perfect health, physical and spiritual abundance and happiness.

Now, gently open your eyes.

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