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Meditation on Self-love

Meditation on self-love

Guided meditation to help you create more unconditional love for yourself. When you truly love yourself, you will feel your connection to God stronger and will be able to give your love to others for their healing and wellbeing. Also, you can forgive them when you act from a place of love. If you can’t love and appreciate yourself, it will be harder to love, respect and appreciate others.

Let’s relax your body by breathing 3 times, relax every muscle, sit as comfortable as you can and close your eyes.

Forget your worries and free your mind of thoughts. Until we reach enlightenment  we take a refuge in Dom Inacio de Loyola, the Life and the spiritual society. May we, by the benefits of exercising the release and other perfections, reach Buddhahood for the best of all sentient beings in the Universe.

Imagine now that above your head Jesus or Dom inacio is shining upon you through his heart golden, transparent, mild light. He is looking at you with love and kindness, forgiving all your imperfections, faults, doubts, insecurities. You receive this golden love through your crown chakra. Your hair, face, ears, head, neck are becoming golden and transparent, free of tension, full with golden love. Until the mild stream of golden light comes to your heart chakra. It feels this part of you gently, slowly, through every cell and fluid.

Please, continue to spread this golden love throughout your stomach, abdomen, legs. Feel the love filling every cell and part of you down to your feet. Try to feel how the golden love energy is dissolving all your doubts in yourself, every disagreement with yourself, disliking, blame, hate and unforgiveness for your own imperfections. Think how God loves you, even though you are not perfect. Think how great of a feeling this is – to be able to appreciate yourself the way you are.

Continue shining the golden light though your heart to all parts of your body. You can now bring it out, around your body, to feel like you are wrapped in 7 layers of this beautiful golden energy – safe, protected, strong and gentle at the same time. You are not alone – Jesus and Dom Inacio love you, appreciate you, care for you. All your fears are gone now – they are transformed in golden love.

Continue feeling this amazing love, especially in your heart chakra – you may sense a little warming up when the energy is spread from your heart to your physical and spiritual body. Keep this warm feeling for yourself as long as you can.

Bring now through your feet the love you have accumulated to the Mother Earth and think you love her, thank her for her care as you are one of her children. Feel connected, loved and cared from the sky to the earth. Thank now Dom Inacio and Jesus for all their love and blessings and send your love to your family, friends, relatives, to everybody you love and appreciate from your heart.

The positive energy of this meditation we dedicate to the best of all sentient beings, for our quick enlightenment, healing, perfect health, physical and spiritual abundance and happiness.

Now, gently open your eyes and, please, give a hug to the person next to you!

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  • Darry-Anne Kenney
    Posted April 5, 2019 2:31 pm 0Likes

    Thank you for sharing . Beautiful. May GOD bless you eternally

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