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Your Virtue

Your Virtue

Indulgence is a much forgotten virtue. Indulgence is a virtue

All of us need it, and are glad when treated with it because of our many imperfections. Nevertheless, we very seldom remember to be indulgent to others.

Indulgence dignifies those who practice it and ennobles those who received it.

No one on Earth progresses without either granting or receiving indulgence.

An indulgent heart has a treasure that will help to forget aggression and offences, and to understand and respect the spiritual level where other people stand.

To be indulgent to the conflicts and instability of others will help them to restore their spiritual balance, and to regain self-confidence. Give them the love they lack and assist them without despotism or causing them humiliation.

If you irradiate indulgence through fraternal understanding, you will show harmony and kindness and will help an optimistic relationship with relatives and friends.

The road to sanctification is paved with indulgence.

If people do not treat you with indulgence, practice it yourself. It may well be that those who are too severe, or even cruel to you, do so because they do not know better, and because this virtue is a light resting at the root of the soul and in time will kindle and shine in all its clarity.

May indulgence be now at least one virtue, among all the others you shall in time develop.

Excerpt from “Child of God” by Divaldo Pereira Franco and Joanna de Angeli’s (Spirit)

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