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What is happiness ?

Many who wish to attain a peaceful consciousness withdraw from active life in a village, a monastery, in the mountains, or are imprisoned in an idea or belief, avoiding people who are causing them anxiety. Such isolation does not lead to peace of mind. Closing one’s consciousness in any idea, avoiding people who complicate our lives, does not lead to peace of mind. Consciousness comes to peace only when there is no isolation achieved through accumulation, and when it comes to a full understanding of our relationship to everything and everyone. Accumulation wears out consciousness. Only when consciousness is new, when it is fresh, without the process of accumulation – only then can it be calm. Such consciousness is not dead, it is very active. Resting consciousness is the most active consciousness, but if you try and go deep into it, you will find that there is no thought design at rest. Thought at all levels is clearly a memory reaction and can never be creative. Thought can be an expression of creativity, but it cannot be creative. When there is silence, that rest of consciousness which is not the result of effort, we will see that in peace it boils an unusual activity which the excited consciousness does not know. There are no phrases in this calmness, no ideas, no memories. This calm is a creative state that one experiences only when he fully understands the processes of self. Otherwise, the peace is pointless. Only in that tranquility that is not the result of effort will you find the eternal that is beyond time.

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