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Wonderful Testemonial

Hello, friends! I’d like to share another email that I received from the daughter of one of my patients. I’m grateful I get to help people and their families and these words really touched me. Keep in mind that I’ve edited out some of the more personal details in the email: “Dear Tatyana, Thank you very much for your email and…

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What contribution can I offer the world today?

“Large streams from little fountains flow.”  – David Everett Somewhere nearby, no matter where we are, runs a creek. We’ve seen plenty of them, narrow and rocky. In summer it’s hardly a creek at all, but in the spring, it feeds a mighty river. Each of us is like that creek, a trickle contributing to some greater plan. Sometimes we feel…

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Amazing experience at the Casa

Hello friends! I recently received an email from a dear friend at the Casa and wanted to share with you this amazing experience. I will post her exact words below: A Brasilian woman arrived last Tuesday night to her pousada.  This was her first time here. She was in need of a liver transplant. Her doctors decided to remove a…

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