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Secrets of Prosperity by Mark L. Prophet

The new year 2018 has just began, offering us new opportunities for change and success. I feel it’s appropriate for me to share an excerpt from the lovely book “Creative Abundance” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Mark L. Prophet. This section of the book is named Secrets of Prosperity and was written by Mark L. Prophet. This week we share…

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Christmas Eve Prayer

Christmas Eve Prayer In the eve of this wonderful holiday, I’d like to share with you one of the prayer of Petar Deunov (Beinsa Douno), the Master. Quite fittingly, it’s named the Beautiful Prayer: Dear God, make us as hard as the diamond, so that we can be the reason for the New Universe. Make us pilars in Your living…

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The new protocol at the Casa

Many of you have visited the Casa already and have received an incredible healing from the Entities and medium John of God. The Casa has been expanded three times since 2002 but it’s still not enough to accommodate 500 or more people weekly. As the Entities are very compassionate and are there to heal our suffering and our bodies, soul…

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God Loves You

God Loves You God loves you, and you know it. His tenderness caresses your face, and His hands sustain you. His breath vitalizes you. His silent voice reaches your ears with blessings, with hope, and guidance. God seeks for you and finds you. Now that you feel Him let yourself be permeated and be guided to the happy destiny awaiting…

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