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What is happiness ?

Many who wish to attain a peaceful consciousness withdraw from active life in a village, a monastery, in the mountains, or are imprisoned in an idea or belief, avoiding people who are causing them anxiety. Such isolation does not lead to peace of mind. Closing one’s consciousness in any idea, avoiding people who complicate our lives, does not lead to…

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What kindness do I have to offer today?

What is available for me today? In the game of musical chairs, everyone walks around a circle of chairs. the music stops, they scramble for the nearest open chair. If we were playing this game and found the nearest chair taken, would we quickly look around for the next open one? To remain immobilized, angry that the chair we wanted…

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Order of God

Order of God There is a divine order in everything. You may not be aware of it but it is present in everything, revealing its divine origin. It is also in your body, in your mind, and in your soul, both fostering your life and controlling it. If you are able to attune to the vibration which emanates from God,…

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Your Virtue

Your Virtue Indulgence is a much forgotten virtue.  All of us need it, and are glad when treated with it because of our many imperfections. Nevertheless, we very seldom remember to be indulgent to others. Indulgence dignifies those who practice it and ennobles those who received it. No one on Earth progresses without either granting or receiving indulgence. An indulgent…

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