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Distant Healing

Distant healing with herbs

Before you visit John of God in one of my groups, you can receive remote healing. If you can’t come personally due to circumstances, you can also receive distant healing.

The distant healing works like this :

By email you send me your photograph , dressed in white, along with your Full name, DOB, Full address and your brief healing request. I will email you back how to pay for your healing herbs. I or my assistant ,who lives in Brazil , will then print it and pass it before John of God in Entity. You are prescribed herbs to begin your distant healing process.

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The prescription may contain only one or two containers of healing herbs. We will purchase from the Casa Pharmacy and mail your herbs to you. When you receive them, please confirm by email. Before the ¾ of your herbs bottle , email me a fresh photo again along with your information, payment and healing request. We will pass before the Entity for healing herbs, that will contain the healing energy for the next level of your healing process. Usually one time taking herbs is not enough to resolve your issues but when it does, I would love to hear it!

The photograph

Take one front, full body photo, dressed in while or light color clothes with your hair lose, uncrossed arms and legs and barefoot if possible. You could try to smile! Include  the information in your email. We will continue with your distant healing with herbs until the Entity in John of God’s body stop giving you prescriptions for herbs.

If you take your healing process seriously, please, continue taking the  healing herbs without interruption.

The healing herbs

“Passiflora Alata”, produced in the pharmacy of the Casa de Dom Inacio .

I contacted Tatyana via email. She was very receptive and I felt very comfortable with her and like I’ve known her for a long time. I sent her a picture of myself which she presented to John of God. I started taking the herbs prescribed and I’m still taking them a month later but I feel 90 % better. I’m forever grateful to Tatyana for her help, kind heart and making me feel so comfortable throughout my healing. I do hope to visit the Casa in the near future.

Each prescription contains 80 capsules for 40 days. Take 1 capsule 2 times a day with your meals, unless otherwise instructed. If you are not able to swallow the capsule, you can open it and mix the powder with water, juice or your food.

There is a diet:
● no alcohol and drugs

● no peppers or spicy food (black, white, cayenne, paprika, chilies)

If you don’t follow the diet as requested you may have some stomach disorder. The herbs are strictly personal, they are energized specifically for you alone. Therefore you cannot return the herbs to the Casa. You cannot exchange your herbs with someone else. The energy, infused in your herbs by the spirit healers will not help other person’s health issues.

Please, do not let anybody handle your herbs unless you’re not able to do it yourself.

Do not stop your medication prescribed by your doctor ,the herbs will not interfere with them! The herbs do not have side effects, please, continue your western medical treatment, your other herbal remedies, supplements or tees.

Some tips for a successful treatment

Make sure you contacted only one Casa guide to present your picture before John of God in Entity. Only authorized and official Casa guides are allowed to go before John of God in Entity.

Therefore there is no official website of Casa de Dom Inacio that presents pictures before John of God in Entity.
Do not send photos of people that are not aware and did not ask for healing. Sending picture for remote healing should be only by personal choice.

If your photo is placed in the prayer basket for spiritual work, you need to email me a fresh photo after two weeks to pass again before John of God and receive your healing herbs.

If you feel some increase in your symptoms the first week, do not worry , just continue taking your herbs. You might have a slight healing crisis.
Have patience, It might take some days before you receive email from us and some weeks before you receive your herbs.

Medium John of God in Entity will not give any verbal recommendations when we pass the photo. Try to relay on your intuition and daily meditations.

Taking your herbs can be a beautiful ritual with a powerful prayer to the Creator to remove all negative energy from your body, mind and spirit. Take your herbs with love and gratitude and have faith in their healing power.

The price of the herbs, including transport and fee, is 60 Euro or 80 US dollars.

Please contact me about covering the costs.

May God bless you!