“Tatyana  not only was  my guide and my helper, she became my friend, and I will never forget her.  I would highly recommend to anyone going to the Casa to use her services.  It was worth every penny.”
Lisa K.
“I would love to come to the Casa once more, and I would want no one else to be my Casa guide! Nothing but sweet loving memories of my friend Margy, the Casa, our group and you Tatiana!”

Helen K.

John of God healing


 John of God, João Teixeira de Faria,

João de Deus is said to be the world’s best known trance medium.


John of God incorporates over 30 Entities, Spiritual doctors, Saints and psychologists who work energetically  with the visitors, coming from all over the world that are suffering from physical, spiritual, mental or emotional illness of all kind;
cancer, muscular and bone diseases, AIDS, MS, ALS, heart, kidney, longs, liver diseases, Hashimoto, schizophrenia, depression, thyroid and autoimmune illness ,fertility problems, asthma, allergy’s, alcohol and drug abuse , Illness of the eyes, emotional or karmic pain. John of God in Entity and the spiritual doctors are treating the reason for one’s illness by harmonizing the energy of this individual.

Many people have tried everything else without satisfactory results.
The Entities use John of God’s body as an instrument for energy healing and have literally changed the reality of many thousands of hopeless cases. More visitors come to the Casa  for spiritual retreat, to support their spiritual growth and their mission in this life.

The Entities are highly evolved spirit beings who were once in their human bodies doctors and saints. The Entities are the ”good spirits” of John of God, directed by Dom Inacio de Loyola- the patron  Entity of the Casa. Other Entities known by name are Dr Oswaldo Cruz, Dr. Augusto de Almeida, Dr Jose Valdivino,King Salomon, St. Francisco de Assis, Dom Ingrid,d-r Jose Penchiado,St. Francisco Xavier, King David, Mestre Kutumi, doctor Jose, Irmã Sheila.

The Entities show immense compassion to all suffering humans. Their Universal knowledge, wisdom, their medical, psychological and spiritual powers provide the healing vibrations for the millions visitors of the Casa. With this powerful energy the Entities can treat any disease of different spiritual, physical, mental or emotional ground with different from the earth known methods.
Medium John of God often welcomes everybody at the Casa and congratulates them with their faith in their own healing , their faith in the Creator. To sign up to visit John of God,

please, email Tatyana at: spiritualdoctors@gmail.com, call at +1 310 779 9731