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Thank you so much for your help. I feel liberated. I feel free. I feel my life is about to take off. What you told me – that the obsessors have been taken away for good and to apply the principles of the Casa to keep them away has made such a difference. And I wanted to thank you for that from the bottom of my heart!!! You and the Entities have helped me so much and I thank God for that!


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Dear Tatyana,

The last 26 hours was the most wonderous I can remember!

Right prior to the commencement of the intervention, I felt a most enhanced increase of my energy level which I needed.

Initially, I felt tickling, pickling, and scratching in and around  my bottom chakra area, then felt the same thing right below my navel area. A few minutes later, I noticed my  left nasal passage was wide open, which has been stuffed up for months.

Then, a little later, I had the sensation and feeling that my kundalini passage was  blown open, and felt a much greater energetic level and feeling within my entire body.

As time went on, I had hundreds of dreams, and felt as if they were being remembered, observed, and,  then, released. There was one dream that was repeated many times, whereas, I was communicating to various individuals that a healing took place in my brain, and how happy I was that this miracle has taken place, which was a message to me that the post-traumatic stress disorder which I have suffered from since 2006 was gone.

Additionally, I slept for periods of 6 hours at a time, which gave me much needed deep sleep and rest I needed, since previous to the intervention, while sleeping I  was getting up every hour on the hour to go to the bathroom, and stayed in a state of constant fatigue.

I stayed in bed for 26 hours due to the Contentment and Joy I was feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically, and concluded with a 1//2 hour on my crystal bed.

My Spirit and I am so thankful and grateful that Dr. Augusto granted me the opportunity to receive healing from the Casa, and look forward with great enthusiasm and optimism to the future in this ever changing earth cycle.

More than ever, I Thank You for your constant Support and Love during my healing process over the last 5 years.

With great Love and Respect,


vou terminar por hoje este e-mail para dizer novamente que a A. voltou a casa, à morada que você já conhece e continua bastante fraca e sem forças e nós esperamos com muita fé e esperança pela intervenção e pelo amor das Entidades para nos ajudarem mais uma vez nesta nossa caminhada alumiados pela luz divina de Nosso SenhorJesus Cristo, Nosso Salvador, e pela força curativa e pelo amor das Entidades assim como pela protecção de Santo Inácio de Loyola e daqueles que na Casa nos estão a ajudar com as suas orações e com a sua energia. Obrigado querida amiga Tatiana por tudo que faz pela A., pelo seu carinho e amor por nós. Quando tiver um momento livre e puder dizer-nos algumas palavras ficaremos muito gratos e felizes por saber e seguir os seus conselhos.

Fique com o nosso amor e o nosso carinho, na paz e na graça de Deus.Até breve.

S. e A.

My girlfriend contacted one of the Casa Guides to help us through the Casa and other things that we may need. Tatyana, answered that call. She was so helpful in getting us ready to travel, with what we needed to have, how many suitcases to bring, money exchanges, taxi fares and rentals,and the pousadas rates. When we got there she greeted us at the airport with Sidney, the cab driver. She explained everything in detail to us. I was surprised at how nice our rooms were. She was honest, caring, loving, and very disciplined about what we should and should not do, as she received messages from the entities themselves. She spent those two weeks with us, starting in the morning and ending at night. Some times I had to even send her home to her family. My experience the first timewith the Entities and her were immeasurable, and the loving support was so rewarding and comforting. I left with a Gratitude that is unlimited with Love.If you decide to have her for a Casa Guide, I strongly recommend her. I had her the second year as well, bringing twoother friends with me. We were not disappointed. She is a very strong Casa Guide and is very much in touch with the Entities there. Enjoy your visit and your Casa Guide Tatyana,Blessings,Rev. Mary Ellen Rodrigues, Masury, Ohio.

Nossa amiga Tatyana

Tatyana introduced me to the Casa de Dom Inacio a few years ago now, acting as my guide in Abadiania. She is an excellent and experienced guide and also an unconditionally loving person who I have come to cherish. As she both knows the Casa rules & protocols (and there is much to learn on your first few visits, as it can all be bewildering without a guide..) and because of her strong mediumistic abilities (as a Medium of the Casa) I would highly recommend her.

Apart from helping me with attending current and operations at the Casa, she kept an eye on me at all times whilst in Abadiania and also on returning home. She kept working with me to help me to unload myself of my emotional “baggage”. She acts as a messenger for me of Love and Light and has helped me to evolve in conjunction with the work of the Casa’s Entities of Love and Light. For this I will always be grateful!


I found Tayana’s website when I was searching for information on John of God. I emailed her quite a bit before I decided whether or not to go to Brazil. She was very nice, very patient and answered all my questions. I decided to use her services to book my trip for 2 weeks. Everything went very smoothly. The pousada she booked for me was very nice, clean, and the food was great. She was there by my side during all the visits to the Casa. What impressed me about her was her knowledge of several languages and that she was warm and friendly. She held my hand when I was scared, she hugged me when I cried, and she laughed with me to cheer me up. Not only was she my guide and my helper, she became my friend, and I will never forget her. I would highly recommend to anyone going to the Casa to use her services. It was worth every penny. I went to the Casa for many ailments. Many of which have cleared up for me already. In particular, I went to find a cure for my terrible insomnia, which has been healed. For the first time in a year and a half I am sleeping without medication. To me, this is a miracle. I am very grateful to the Entities, to John of God, to the many good people that run the Casa, and to Tatyana for teaching me all I need to know to get the most out of my time there. Blessings to you all!

Lisa K.

Medium Joao Teixeira de Faria

Medium Joao’s healing
Some time ago I had a stroke. As a result, I had a twisted eye, could not move my arms, had no control over my hands and a twisted and cramped upper body. Even in this condition, I had to receive all the Casa visitors.
The Spiritual doctors (Entities) simply continued with the spiritual healings using my body as an instrument.
I was told that while incorporated my eye, my arms my whole body was functioning perfect as if I never had a stroke.
As soon as the Entity left my body, it was the same poor situation. As long as the Spiritual doctors are using my body, I am in a kind of sleeping state and I have no knowledge of what is happening.
One day some staff members told me that I would receive an operation. The Entities made an incision, with my own hands, in my chest just under the left nipple and inserted two fingers.
To most of the spectators this was kind of an auto-operation. There was very little blood, I experienced no pain and the wound was healed very quickly.
I was completely healthy, the twisted eye was back to normal, just as my arms, hands and upper body.
Now many years later I still continue my mission, being an instrument for the good spirits and realizing scientifically unexplainable healings.

Tatyana’s healing

At the end of 2003, due to stress from building a house, I began to lose weight. I had other alarming symptoms- my hands started to tremble and my eyes were bulging out of the orbit.
When I reached the critical weight of of 41 kg, I went to see a doctor. He diagnosed me with an illness called Bazedov Grave disease, a thyroid incurable illness. When I returned to Brazil, I asked the Entities for help and healing. Dr. Augusto appointed a spiritual surgery for me and sent me to an endocrinologist, a specialist in thyroid illness. After the spiritual operation, I went to the doctor who prescribed me a large dose of hormonal pills and ordered me to gain weight in the next month.
I asked Dr. Augusto if I could skip the pills, finding them unnecessary since I’m receiving healing at Casa and I am medium / daughter of Casa. The answer was – “you must take the prescribed pills.” As an obedient daughter I followed the advice of Dr. Augusto, I took his herbs and the hormones from my medical doctor.
When I went back for review after a month, the doctor was very impressed of my progress.
No longer trembling, I could stand up from the floor, weighing 42 5 kg, my eyes were much better.
The doctor did not understand this instant improvement and advised me to keep on doing whatever
I was doing for the best healing results. Off course I didn’t mention anything about the spiritual work and Dr. Augusto, he wouldn’t believe me nor understand this.
After 5 months I was already at normal weight of 47 kg, hormonal tablets reduced to 1 per day, my eyes were almost normal and the shaking was gone. At 11 months of treatment by both- Entities and medical doctor I stopped taking the hormonal tablets. The doctor was thrilled. He did not have a case of such rapid recovery from this condition in 25 years practice.
My gratitude to the Casa and the Entities manifests today with helping everyone who is searching for healing.
Dr. Augusto continues to advise me and perform the healing work for my crystal bed treatments in Los Angeles, where I live and work. I continue to take groups as a guide the Casa for healing.
I wish each of you the same rapid and complete recovery! Tatyana.

Misha’s healing(50, born in Russia, now living in Norway), traveled to Abadiania 3 times after he was diagnosed with two different types of cancer over a period of two years: thyroid cancer and lymphoma (non Hodgkin). Now he is healthy and happy as never before. His experience:
Why did you travel to Abadiania?
After I got diagnosed with thyroid cancer in may 2003 I was – of course – not ready. I was in shock, as all of us when we get this kind of news. I was especially not happy with the proposal of mainstream doctors to immediately remove my whole thyroid gland. It is such an important organ, I didn’t want to loose it. When I heard about Abadiania I felt it was for me. When I arrived it felt immediately good, I was so relaxed. But of course I was a little bit naïve. I was thinking a miracle would happen with me at once. But it took more time.’
And: what happened over time?
I learned a lot and changed a lot. First of all I learned the difference between mainstream doctors and spiritual ones, like Joao. Mainstream doctors take responsibility to remove your disease and are often not managing, that’s why we don’t like them. A spiritual doctor does not take responsibility to remover your disease, he shows you the source of it.
And together with him you learn how to beat it. And in this process you learn to trust life, and death as well. You loose your fears, because you feel you are in charge. You see the cause of your disease. And you realize that you can be healthy again – if you are willing to change your habits.
Mainstream doctors are giving you mostly fear and false hope, in my experience. This fits very well with them, they want you to be dependent on them. Still, in my case, I believe it was good to use mainstream medicine in addition to the alternative treatments I found.
Often they are both necessary, you have to stay aware of what is best for you.
Can you share a healing experience you had at the casa?
Yes. I once went to the casa on a Saturday, when nobody is there. I started to pray and suddenly I couldn’t move anymore. I felt that somebody put an invisible crown on my head. I tried to move my legs, but I was paralyzed. Instead of being afraid I felt a deep acceptance inside, and sadness too. I started to cry and cry. My tears were like a healing shower. It felt like I was cleaning my soul. Years of sadness were coming out of my body.
It was unbelievable. Time disappeared.
And then suddenly there were two women in front of me, who told me the entities sent them to help me. They started to work with me, and helped me to cool down. With their help I gradually came back to the earth.
During all my sadness I had almost been ready to leave the earth. And entities were very clear that I should stay. I got a very clear message from them: you are the king of your own life, you are the king of your kingdom. That’s why I felt the crown!! It was a real wake-up call. Very special. I really feel that Joao and the entities brought me to the fearless life.
I am still thinking about the casa almost every week, about the warmth and love I felt there and about all the special people I met. It’s a unique place.
Did you know anything about entities before you visited Abadiania?
I guess I thought entities were scary and bad. Only in the casa I met them as the kindest, warmest and most loving sons of God. If somebody had told me this before, I would not have believed it. But in Abadiania entities are so real as McDonald’s is here. And I guess that Joao and the entities are healing people for the same reason that Jesus was healing the blind. Not to show miracles as a circus, but tot show that spirit – God – is not a theory. That is why Joao also performs physical operations. Just to show that God is real.
What was the biggest change after Abadiania?
After my first visit there I felt so light. All my fears disappeared! The invisible operations helped me to cleanse myself on an emotional level. I remember coming back to Norway and going to the dark forest at night, without any fear.
It was an amazing feeling.
What do you remember most of Abadiania?
The mood. It is very special. There are so many people there who are suffering, but that doesn’t mean the mood is down. On the contrary: everybody is sharing their joy.
I never laughed so much and felt so much joy and love around me. You real feel that there you are together with other pupils of life. You are together in a school, the school of spiritual growth. And all day you feel so much warmth and love, it is giving strength. And at the same time you feel that you are in the hands of God. I never experienced that before, even when I was healthy.
But in Abadiania I suddenly felt how everything and everybody is connected. This is so strong, because in our own world you very quickly become isolated and lonely when you have a serious disease.
People are afraid to ask you things. They stop to call.
In Abadiania everybody is sharing! Even healthy people are coming to Joao to learn that disease is part of life. And to learn that you can share painful things without being scared. To learn that you can go through the darkness without fear.

Marilee’s healing

After running into you (Ed) this afternoon, I want to share with you some of my story. Being in Abadiania and under the care of the Casa de Dom Inacio is an experience all people would be blessed to have. My life has changed in so many ways and I am forever grateful to the good spirits and to Medium Joao for devoting his life to this mission.

What brought me to to John of God? People ask this question all the time.
In December of 2001, I injured my neck, again. I injured my neck a number of times in this lifetime, from the age of 5 on. This time the diagnosis was two herniated discs (C5, C6, C7). I was disabled for a two years or so, but I never believed that I was disabled and I knew I would get better. The doctors told me that they could not help me and that I should learn to live in pain. I did not believe them.
In 2004, I went to a network chiropractor and he told me about John of God in Brazil. There were photos of this miracle man all over his office. I had no money at the time, but I knew I would go one day. Time went on, I forgot about it, but then in June of 2006, I received an email from one of my dear friends whose son has been a paraplegic for more than half of his life. The email basically said that she sent her son’s photo to John of God with a friend who was going to Brazil. The week the Entities started to work on him, he was able to move parts of his body that he had not moved in 15 years. This touched me so deeply and I cried for hours.
Within two days, I made reservations to go to Abadiania. Why, I did not know why, but I knew the time had come and my calling was very strong. (At this time, I was not concerned about my neck, but I did ask for healing on the first day and received surgery.) As is turns out, when I told my friend, she decided to go as well. We were here at the same time with different group leaders. Although we saw each other rarely, something much bigger was at play here and I surrendered. The Entity gave her good news, but more work must be done. I will hold off on that until the time comes, however, I am so grateful to know these beautiful souls and I owe everything to this young man and his mother, for waking me up to this call of Love. My prayer is that she will be writing her story to you in the next year

Another healing that still touches me after a year and a half is about my brother Victor.
In July 2006, Icame here for the first time. I wrote prayers every day, lots of them.
One prayer I wrote was about my brother. He had Hep C for many many years and had not been cured with chemo.
The Interferon actually made him worse and he developed neuropathy in his feet as a result. He lived in terrible pain and drank liquor (even with liver disease) and took lots of pain medications. He suffered every day. He thought he was dying, but he had a lot of faith. One day, the second or third week I was at the Casa, I wrote a letter to the Entities with a prayer that my brother would want to be cured. This would require herbs, which would mean that he could not drink alcohol.
The next day I spoke to my mother and she said that my brother asked why I hadn’t told him I was going to Brazil.
He wanted to go with me. I asked her to ask him if he wanted me to take his photo in front of the Entity and if he would take the herbs if prescribed. I explained that this would mean that he would have to stop drinking alcohol for the duration of the herbs. That was a year and a half ago and my brother has not had alcohol since that day and his Hep. C is cured.
We went to theCasa de Dom Inacio together in September of 2006. When he returned to the States a month later, the doctors were surprised to find that he now had a rare type of Hep. C that could be cured.
He constantly tells me how blessed he is that he came to Abadiania and that he plans on going back to finish the work. My brother has a beautiful heart and the good spirits of the Casa de Dom Inacio have given him another chance to experience life more fully and to share in the upbringing of his beautiful daughter.
Thank you Entities and Medium Joao.As for me, every day is a miracle. Like Ron says, it’s all good! Even the painful experiences turn out so beautifully when we surrender.Thank you for letting me share some of my story.

18 years ago Gilberto and his family came to Abadiania from Rio Grande do Sul for the first time. In their city he was a very popular citizen, having a small business of his own, the president of the church, president of the local sport club and having his lovely family, wife and 3 children.
Unfortunately he was diagnosed with ALS, illness which literally kills the patient for less than 3 years, still without cure.
Medium Joao in Entity told them that he will cure him but that it will take very long, so they came to live in Abadiania, without money and work.
They are still here. Gilberto did not die he is still in treatment with the Spiritual Doctors (Entities) he is very grateful to be with his loving family and knowing that one day he’ll be able to walk again and to live his live healthy.

Amanda’s healing
Sarah was diagnosed with ALS in 2001, shortly after that she came with her husband and a guided group to Abadiania.
She underwent a physical operation from the Spiritual doctors. Immediately she felt much better. Since then she has returned 7 times to Casa de Dom Inacio, with ups and downs, physical, emotional and psychological personal work for her cure, spending a lot of time in current.
Her last visit was in 2005 when she was not able to walk good enough and with no physical improvement for the 4 months stay. When she went back home she was hospitalized for dehydratation.
We had found a great private neurologist in Dublin after hours of research, however, due to the distance Sarah couldn’t get there. Luckily, there was a neurologist who examinated her for ALS and told her she was cured!
Now she feels great a new live has began for her and her family, after 4 years of suffering and fighting the illness with the Spiritual Doctors.

Chico and Helena are Brazilians, they wanted very much a baby, Chico was for medical reasons unable to make Helena pregnant. After a treatment of 1 year visiting the Casa on the Friday sessions they now have a beautiful healthy girl, a little daughter of the Casa.

A young woman from New Zealand came to the Casa in 2002 looking for help as she was medically unable to get pregnant.
After 3 visits to Abadiania she now has a 2 year old healthy boy.