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Dear Tatyana,
The last 26 hours was the most wonderous I can remember!
Right prior to the commencement of the intervention, I felt a most enhanced increase of my energy level which I needed.
Initially, I felt tickling, pickling, and scratching in and around  my bottom chakra area, then felt the same thing right below my navel area. A few minutes later, I noticed my  left nasal passage was wide open, which has been stuffed up for months.
Then, a little later, I had the sensation and feeling that my kundalini passage was  blown open, and felt a much greater energetic level and feeling within my entire body.
As time went on, I had hundreds of dreams, and felt as if they were being remembered, observed, and,  then, released. There was one dream that was repeated many times, whereas, I was communicating to various individuals that a healing took place in my brain, and how happy I was that this miracle has taken place, which was a message to me that the post-traumatic stress disorder which I have suffered from since 2006 was gone.
Additionally, I slept for periods of 6 hours at a time, which gave me much needed deep sleep and rest I needed, since previous to the intervention, while sleeping I  was getting up every hour on the hour to go to the bathroom, and stayed in a state of constant fatigue.
I stayed in bed for 26 hours due to the Contentment and Joy I was feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically, and concluded with a 1//2 hour on my crystal bed.
My Spirit and I am so thankful and grateful that Dr. Augusto granted me the opportunity to receive healing from the Casa, and look forward with great enthusiasm and optimism to the future in this ever changing earth cycle.
More than ever, I Thank You for your constant Support and Love during my healing process over the last 5 years.


vou terminar por hoje este e-mail para dizer novamente que a A. voltou a casa, à morada que você já conhece e continua bastante fraca e sem forças e nós esperamos com muita fé e esperança pela intervenção e pelo amor das Entidades para nos ajudarem mais uma vez nesta nossa caminhada alumiados pela luz divina de Nosso SenhorJesus Cristo, Nosso Salvador, e pela força curativa e pelo amor das Entidades assim como pela protecção de Santo Inácio de Loyola e daqueles que na Casa nos estão a ajudar com as suas orações e com a sua energia. Obrigado querida amiga Tatiana por tudo que faz pela A., pelo seu carinho e amor por nós. Quando tiver um momento livre e puder dizer-nos algumas palavras ficaremos muito gratos e felizes por saber e seguir os seus conselhos.
Fique com o nosso amor e o nosso carinho, na paz e na graça de Deus.Até breve.

S. e A.

My girlfriend contacted one of the Casa Guides to help us through the Casa and other things that we may need. Tatyana, answered that call. She was so helpful in getting us ready to travel, with what we needed to have, how many suitcases to bring, money exchanges, taxi fares and rentals,and the pousadas rates. When we got there she greeted us at the airport with Sidney, the cab driver. She explained everything in detail to us. I was surprised at how nice our rooms were. She was honest, caring, loving, and very disciplined about what we should and should not do, as she received messages from the entities themselves. She spent those two weeks with us, starting in the morning and ending at night. Some times I had to even send her home to her family. My experience the first timewith the Entities and her were immeasurable, and the loving support was so rewarding and comforting. I left with a Gratitude that is unlimited with Love.If you decide to have her for a Casa Guide, I strongly recommend her. I had her the second year as well, bringing twoother friends with me. We were not disappointed. She is a very strong Casa Guide and is very much in touch with the Entities there. Enjoy your visit and your Casa Guide Tatyana,Blessings,Rev. Mary Ellen Rodrigues, Masury, Ohio.

Nossa amiga Tatyana

Tatyana introduced me to the Casa de Dom Inacio a few years ago now, acting as my guide in Abadiania. She is an excellent and experienced guide and also an unconditionally loving person who I have come to cherish. As she both knows the Casa rules & protocols (and there is much to learn on your first few visits, as it can all be bewildering without a guide..) and because of her strong mediumistic abilities (as a Medium of the Casa) I would highly recommend her.
Apart from helping me with attending current and operations at the Casa, she kept an eye on me at all times whilst in Abadiania and also on returning home. She kept working with me to help me to unload myself of my emotional “baggage”. She acts as a messenger for me of Love and Light and has helped me to evolve in conjunction with the work of the Casa’s Entities of Love and Light. For this I will always be grateful!


I found Tayana’s website when I was searching for information . I emailed her quite a bit before I decided whether or not to go to Brazil. She was very nice, very patient and answered all my questions. I decided to use her services to book my trip for 2 weeks. Everything went very smoothly. The pousada she booked for me was very nice, clean, and the food was great. She was there by my side during all the visits to the Casa. What impressed me about her was her knowledge of several languages and that she was warm and friendly. She held my hand when I was scared, she hugged me when I cried, and she laughed with me to cheer me up. Not only was she my guide and my helper, she became my friend, and I will never forget her. I would highly recommend to anyone going to the Casa to use her services. It was worth every penny. I went to the Casa for many ailments. Many of which have cleared up for me already. In particular, I went to find a cure for my terrible insomnia, which has been healed. For the first time in a year and a half I am sleeping without medication. To me, this is a miracle.

Lisa K.

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